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Mountainview components Inc. strives to be a world leading independent distributor specialist offering Integrated circuits, active and passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components.

Quality companies need reliable independent distributors to provide solutions

MoutainView Components Inc. was founded in 2019, dedicated to serve for all the manufacturers, distributors,
and small business merchats for the electronic components sales and distribution. Our clients are came from diversified industries, including industrial and consumer electonic manufacturers, as well as military,
aerospace industries. A diversified client background always enable us to better consider what our clients need..

Our electronic components includes: integrated circuits, DC to DC converters, resistors, capacitors, connectors,
tunners, trimmers and so on. The supply and product chain enables us to earn the Worldwide OEM approvals. Over one million
different types of electronic components are stocked in our warehouses distributed in Asia,North America, and Europe

ready for delivery to our clients. Whatever any electronic component you may need, there's always one ready for you!